Mutual Ministry Teams

There are three Mutual Ministry Teams at Peace – for the Pastor, for the Director of Community Engagement & Outreach, and for the Deacon of Congregational Care & Community Resources. Their purpose is to strengthen Peace’s mission through listening, sharing, and reviewing our church’s life and ministry in conversation with Pastor John, Brendan Nelson, and Charissa Carroll. They’re available to listen to you share any joys or concerns you may have about our church, its people, and our work.

Pastor's Mutual Ministry Team

  • Pam Asadi
  • Pat Ferguson
  • Ben Flesher
  • Karen Riede
  • Kit Thompson

Director of Community Engagement & Outreach’s Mutual Ministry Team

  • Annie Burris
  • Malcolm Carroll
  • Craig Cogger
  • Joanne McWilson

Deacon of Congregational Care & Community Resources’ Mutual Ministry Team

    • Sarah ButlerWills
    • Gretchen Duggan
    • Don Gillis
    • Trina Kagochi
    • Emma McDaniel


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